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Ways To Volunteer That Really Show Your Thanks

It’s strange how on Thanksgiving we spend so much time thinking about what we are thankful for, only to seemingly forget most of the other 364 days a year.
We feel an overwhelming gratefulness for the blessings of our lives, and if we stayed in tune with that sentiment year round, surely we…
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Just A Reminder: You’re Not Crazy for Being an Introvert

I remember taking one of those “introduce yourself” icebreaker surveys back in middle school and one of the questions read, “Are you an introvert or extrovert?” I circled “extrovert” fully knowing that it was untrue, yet out of middle school naiveté and a…
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Obamacare website faces crucial weekend after technology overhaul

By Roberta Rampton and Sharon Begley
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Americans are getting their first look on Saturday at whether a five-week, round-the-clock technology overhaul has made it easier to use the troubled website that is the backbone of President Barack Obama’s…
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New report of oldest known brown dwarfs in our galaxy

WISE 0013+0634 – One of the new brown dwarfs in our galaxy. (Image credit: Pinfield DJ et al.)
Main Point:
Astronomers have reported two of the newly discovered yet oldest known brown dwarfs in our Milky Way Galaxy moving at speeds of 100-200 km/sec.
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Innovative Coatings Make Hydrogen Fuel Production Easier

Hydrogen fuel production is a promising way to achieve carbon-neutral fuels to power the transportation infrastructure including automobiles and especially planes. Now, a team of scientists at the North Carolina State University has shown that a specialized coating…
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Risk Factors May Point to Less-Safe Senior Drivers

By Allison Bond
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Tests of physical abilities, such as balance and strength, may reveal how well an elderly driver will perform on the road, according to a new study.
Trouble with balance, weak lower limbs and poor neck flexibility were among the attributes…
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Childhood TV Exposure Tied to Lower Understanding of Others

Television is a powerful agent of development for children, particularly those in preschool. But when could too much TV be detrimental to a young child’s mind? A recent paper published in the Journal of Communication found that preschoolers who have a TV in their bedroom and are…
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Gut Feel May Be Best Predictor of Marital Bliss

Newlyweds who registered subconscious doubts about their partner on a psychological test were more likely to be divorced four years later.

Story Highlights

Newlyweds took a test designed to elicit their subconscious doubts about their partner
Hesitating before choosing a positive response…
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6 Signs It’s More Than A Cold

By Jennifer Acosta Scott
Medically reviewed by Niya Jones, M.D., MPH
When you’re under the weather, it can be tempting to skip going to the doctor and instead huddle in bed with your favorite blanket. Though that approach might be fine for treating the common cold, it won’t work so…
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We Tried It: Lacey Stone’s Booty Camp Class

What We Tried: The Lacey Stone Booty Camp, an outdoor boot camp class that doesn’t require any equipment except your own body.
Where: Pan Pacific Park, 7600 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif.
For How Long: About one hour, more if you stayed after class to stretch.
How’d It Feel:…
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Recessions Associated With Cognitive Decline In Old Age, Study Finds

The effects of economic recessions — including layoffs and having to work lower-status or lower-paying jobs than you’re qualified for — could take a toll on cognitive functioning, a new study suggests.
Research published in The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health shows…
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Am I Crazy? The Bizarre Experience of Sleep Paralysis

By Brandon R. Peters, M.D.
Quite simply, the experience of sleep paralysis sounds too crazy to be true. When it occurs, which it does with surprising frequency, the victim often questions his or her own sanity. It is not uncommon to ascribe the experiences to demonic possession, aliens, and any…
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How Seeking Your Passion Boosts Self-Esteem

Have you ever had times in life when you simply weren’t happy with yourself? You didn’t feel good about your appearance. You weren’t exercising or eating right. Your job was drudgery and your life was boring.
All of us experience periods when we’re down on…
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Finding Happiness And Success By Giving Thanks

By Hannah Morgan for U.S. News
Giving thanks and being grateful is trendy right now and this season is the time to give thanks. A tradition that began hundreds of years ago as a way of showing gratitude for the food harvested. It is easy to lose sight of the original meaning of this holiday when…
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8 Immediate Stress Busters and Serenity Boosters

Let’s face it, daily life can be beyond stressful. And between a demanding job and even more demanding home life, it becomes next to impossible to squeeze a bit of serenity into our everyday rounds. In an attempt to conquer it all, we’re always on the go, always occupied and always a…
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Ancient Healing Techniques That Can Improve Your Modern Life

Ironically, when it comes to treating the ailments of modern life — which can be exacerbated by chronic stress and a relentlessly fast-paced life — thousand-year-old healing methods might be some of the best remedies.
The exploding popularity of meditation and yoga in the West…
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Coping Tips for Winter Skin

SATURDAY Nov. 30, 2013, 2013 — The cold, dry air of winter can deplete your skin of moisture and cause “winter itch.”
But you can take steps to protect your skin and prevent that itchy feeling, according to Dr. Robyn Gmyrek, a dermatologist and director of the Skin and Laser…
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Method to measure very cold objects of the Universe

Main Point:
Scientists have presented a new way to study Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) that are the coldest objects in the Universe by canceling the damage caused by light.
Published in:
New Journal of Physics
Study Further:
Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs):
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Adieu For Now

After two years of blogging  I have decided to take a break from it for now. I’d like to thank all readers for their thoughts and comments and hope to be back some time in the future when I have something new and exciting to say.
Have a wonderful holiday…
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Malls Now Offer ‘Quiet’ Santa Visits For Kids With Autism (PHOTOS)

Meeting Santa Claus at a shopping mall can be horribly hectic. There are large crowds, long lines, and holiday music blaring from speakers. It’s a recipe for madness — and for children with autism, it’s especially unbearable.
So, malls across Canada are now offering special…
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